Dr. Gary B. Knapp

When Dr. Knapp was working on his degree at the University of Kentucky, Secretariat was in his prime, and Dr. Knapp couldn't help but be enchanted by central Kentucky and Thoroughbreds. Although he left Lexington in the mid-seventies to pursue business interests in Texas, he vowed to return when the time was right. Dr. Knapp followed the industry from afar via a subscription to The Blood-Horse. He also developed his criteria for possible farm sites in the Lexington area. In 1989 Dr. Knapp purchased the initial 200 acre piece of land that he would call 'Monticule.'

Dr. Knapp is a hands-on horse breeder and farm owner. In addition to planning the breeding for the 20 broodmares on the farm and managing Monticule's runners, he closely monitors the pruning, placement, and growth of the 9000-plus trees in Monticule's tree nursery. Dr. Knapp doesn't do all of this from behind a desk. He walks the farm or crosses it on horseback nearly everyday and is constantly reviewing developments and making plans for the future.
Dr. Gary Knapp can be contacted at his office phone, 859.293.6190.


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